Community Planning

Community Development Staff

Subdivision & Land Development , Zoning, Building & Zoning Permits, Sign Regulations & Permits, Driveway Permits, Sewage Facilities Permits

Eric Bock, Franklin Township Zoning & Codes Officer

  • Development Planning
  • Zoning Administration
  • Subdivision & Land Development Reviews
  • Zoning Inspections
  • Codes Enforcement
  • Zoning Permit Issuance

On-Lot Sewage Facilities

Doug Duncan, Sewage Enforcement Officer
Cell Phone: 724-679-4860

  • Soil and site investigation
  • Percolation testing
  • Enforcement

Building Codes Enforcement/ Commercial & Residential Plan Review

Jeff Richardson of Richardson Inspection Services, LLC
Address: 2879 Mercer Butler Pike (Rte. 258), Grove City, PA 16127
Phone: 724-406-0031
Fax: 724-406-0119

  • Building Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Commercial & Residential Plan Review
  • Building Code Enforcement

Land Use Regulations

Permit Requirements

A Building Permit is not required for routine repairs or maintenance. It is required, however, for any improvement that involves new construction, a structural alteration or an addition. Permits are required for, but not limited to:

  • fences
  • swimming pools
  • utility sheds
  • driveways
  • patios, porches and decks
  • signs
  • building demolition
  • garages

Zoning regulations also place various restrictions on the use of property and the location of all improvements and additions on the property. If you are considering any new construction, a structural alteration, or an addition, please call the Township Office before you make any commitments to a contractor or home improvement company.

Subdivision/Land Development

The Township’s Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance regulates the dividing of land, adjustment of property lines, and development of lots for single family, multi-family, and other uses. Plans must first be reviewed and approved by the Township.

Land Use Ordinances

For further information please refer to Chapter 330, Zoning, Chapter 275, Subdivision & Land Development, and Chapter 137 Uniform Construction Code.